Owning Your Career Takes Dedication & Planning

A career shouldn't control you, but you should control your career. Use these following actions to ensure orderly career advancement, workplace respect, and customer loyalty. Take Responsibility You and only you are responsible for your actions. While we all learned this in our youth, it must stay engrained with us at all times; especially in … Continue reading Owning Your Career Takes Dedication & Planning

Agile Methods Aren’t Just for Startups

The very definition of agile is the ability to move quickly, make changes, and adapt as needed to changing circumstances. Agile is a frequented term in the development of software and startups, but these principles can also be used to improve the quality and outcomes of life. More importantly, it is the incremental improvement of … Continue reading Agile Methods Aren’t Just for Startups

Benefits of Utilizing and Maintaining a Master Resume

Creating a master resume will not only allow you to present your accomplishments and work history in one place, it will make tailoring your resume for that must have job easier to collate. Most positions require the 1 page, 1-inch margin .PDF or .DOC file that employers and applicants are used to, but rather than … Continue reading Benefits of Utilizing and Maintaining a Master Resume