Benefits of Utilizing and Maintaining a Master Resume


Creating a master resume will not only allow you to present your accomplishments and work history in one place, it will make tailoring your resume for that must have job easier to collate. Most positions require the 1 page, 1-inch margin .PDF or .DOC file that employers and applicants are used to, but rather than having to remember each job, accomplishment, award, or relevant task, it’s much easier in the long run to have one source file which this information is already compiled.

A popular form for creating a master resume is known as a C.V., or curriculum vitae. Generally, this method is used for academic positions or the like, however, it will allow for every accomplishment or published paper to be listed in an easy to locate document. The trick is narrowing down to what is relevant to the job in which is being applied to.

When writing a master resume, remember that there is no need for limitations. This is for personal use, so make it a few pages if possible. Research suggests that this is a great method for listing all volunteer work, relevant hobbies from personal life, all certifications, and any additional online courses taken such as MOOCs, or massive online open courses.

As with any resume, be sure to use action verbs, give specific examples of accomplishments, detailed statistics, and projects that were contributed to prior organizations. Highlight educational coursework that is among your highest quality, especially if graduate studies are relevant. Put all education and work experience in chronological order beginning with the most recent, and publications or conferences in order as well.

The art of crafting a master resume will not just save time and effort, but such effort will allow you to be flexible in what is showcased to future employers and allow only the pertinent bullet points to be seen and considered as hiring managers have such limited time to read over each submitted resume.

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