Building Confidence from a Jar


Confidence building can be one of the trickiest and difficult life changes one can make. It requires a lot of work and a lot of setbacks will be experienced along the way. A practical and easy technique everyone can do is to create what’s called a confidence jar.

It’s quite simple. First, brainstorm actions that you are uncomfortable with, tasks you have been putting off, or people you’ve wanted to introduce yourself to. Some specific examples include, saying something nice to another, or address a problem that you’ve been putting off for some time such as professional networking to improve your career.

Once you have about ten examples, type or write them onto little slips of paper. Find a mason jar (or anything else that will do the job), fold them in half and put them into the jar. Each morning when you wake up, shake the jar up and grab a slip of paper.

Take about an hour out of your day to address that action. Repeating these steps each morning will not only help you cross items off of your to do list, they will help you in the long run with building assertiveness and confidence.

As your jar empties with tasks and plans, keep putting more in. Confidence will become second nature to you; which is not only important in career development, but personal development as well. Consistency is key when developing any habit, especially when confidence building is involved.

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