Owning Your Career Takes Dedication & Planning


A career shouldn’t control you, but you should control your career. Use these following actions to ensure orderly career advancement, workplace respect, and customer loyalty.

Take Responsibility

You and only you are responsible for your actions. While we all learned this in our youth, it must stay engrained with us at all times; especially in the workforce. taking responsibility has a negative connotation to it, however, also admit to when a positive development occurs due to your actions. Own up to successes just as you would with failures.

Take Initiative

If allowed, offer to come in early and stay late to finish important projects. You already know what needs to be done. Careers are never finished, but are ever evolving. There are always new things to learn. Be a learner and train yourself to become an information sponge. Stay on top of what’s relevant in your industry and leadership skills will develop as confidence builds. Others in the industry will want to mirror your successes as they will look to you for guidance and training.

You will become noticed, respected, and given more responsibility because you’ve already achieved the ultimate test; rising to the challenge that hard work and persistence will always pay dividends. It shows you care about yourself and the organization.

Own Yourself

Be your own brand. Developing your brand allows coworkers, customers, and other stakeholders to differentiate between you and other parties. Stand for positive development and operate independently within the confines of the organization.

As your own brand, it’s paramount to “sell yourself”, the qualities and what you bring to the table will reach customers, management, coworkers, vendors, and the entire structure. Respect will be gained, promotions will be earned, and most important of all, you will have earned it yourself by investing in you.

While it’s most important to adhere to the constraints of the workplace, allow yourself some personal flexibility to grow, train, and not to become complacent in your career. Striving and moving ahead will dictate your personal brand and allow you to avoid the status-quo, which keeps many professionals from achieving success.

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