Learn All You Can to be Successful


A few years back, there was a gentleman I was driving around when I worked for a car rental company; he seemed quite knowledgeable and successful in his field. We were chatting about my job and he mentioned a very good point. He said, “If you’re working 40 hours, always put in an extra 10 to 20.”

I had no idea what he meant, but as the years went by and professional experiences grew on me, I realized exactly what he meant. It’s something I like to call ABL, or Always Be Learning. So, what does this mean? Learning doesn’t stop after college or your training is complete at a new job. Learning creates success, opportunities to be seized, and room for promotion.

Formal education in a college setting are becoming disrupted in favor of newer methods like online courses, more successful methods of on the job training, and the convenience of eBooks. Forty hours a week isn’t enough. To be successful, one must spend just as much time, if not more taking online classes through companies like Lynda.com or Coursera.org.

If you haven’t already, buy an eBook reader and load it with useful knowledge that can carry you forward. Make an effort to impress management, but more importantly, impress yourself and build confidence through the knowledge amassed.

Some of the more successful organizations will allow you to go through training programs that have been set up for employees and those looking to move up in their careers. Take advantage of every opportunity an employer can give you, but don’t solely rely on that. You have to manage your own career; and not let anyone else drive you in a direction that you do not wish to travel.

Managing your own expectations, career, curriculum, and being more proactive will not only make your expectations thrive, they will make you a better worker and eventually, a role model for others who want to be where you are.

This article was originally published on LinkedIn.

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