Podcasts for the Brain(power)


For better or worse, I’m a runner. When I run, I enjoy listening to podcasts to keep me going. Given my attempts to travel at least five miles a day leaves a lot of room for consumption of content. Multiple interests lead to multiple categories of podcasts. Below, I would like to share some of my favorites, and why they are important listens. These podcasts are in no particular order.

Stratfor Talks

Stratfor, the infamous think-tank by George Friedman publishes special events as podcasts. While it’s only released once a month, what is posted is very interesting as it deals with geopolitical strategies, the state of the world, and how national security might effect an ever-evolving globe.

This Week in Tech (TWiT)

Leo Laporte & friends host a weekly technology show called This Week in Tech, or TWiT for short, focused on the week that was. Discussions and analysis delve into law, future events, new products, and subject matter experts from everything with security to Windows and Mac. Widely acknowledged as one of the first breakout podcasts, Leo Laporte is considered to be one of the grandfathers of this medium.

The Korea Society

Given my intense interests in Korea stemming from childhood, this podcast is only a natural fit for my casual yet professional realm. The Korea Society, based out of New York City, posts talks, lectures, symposiums about the peninsula. Topics range from North Korea, political topics, cultural developments, and relations between the ROK and the United States.

Rational Security

This fun, yet in-depth, non-partisan take on the week of political developments, international relations, and predictions for the world as a whole, Rational Security hosts experts such as Benjamin Wittes, Shane Harris, and Tamara Cofman Wittes. They all bring different perspectives to national security from the Brookings Institution to the Wall Street Journal.

E.R. by Foreign Policy

The E.R., short for editor’s roundtable, is a bi-weekly podcast put out by Foreign Policy magazine. David Rothkopf, the editor in chief of F.P sits down with various scholars and newsmakers to discuss global events. Rothkopf welcomes different views from different perspectives and makes for an overall balanced show looking at various points from international players.

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