Humanizing Social Media Branding


As we all look to the new year as a way to improve and reset our lives, it’s best not to overlook a very important component: personal marketing. Whether we are employed at a 9 to 5 job, a startup, nonprofit, or sole proprietorship, marketing is agreed at a must-have with as little cost to the business as possible. The same can be said for marketing our own personal accomplishments and needs to the world. The best global businesses do not operate in a silo. Neither should individuals.

Social media is free. Use all facets of it. As much as it’s vital to be careful what we post on our business accounts, don’t forget that the same rule applies to our personal accounts. Rather than complaining, bashing, whining, or insulting; use our individual mediums to post success stories, asks for help and assistance when we need it, and recommendations for other ways to improve certain aspects of our lives.

We are brands as much as our workplaces are. Own your name as if it were your own logo. Build upon outreach, connect with others who can reciprocate needs, and be sure to focus on what is professional about yourself. You have your own brand value, and credibility to work on. Let these be your guiding forces moving forward in the task of marketing yourself through social media.

Use stories of trials and tribulations, setbacks that were overcome, and ideas to springboard internal inspirations to the readers who come across your stories. Readers be much more receptive to your authenticity and passion as it soaks through to them. Like any habit, it must be practiced. Do not post for the sake of posting. Keep your stories meaningful and responses from the heart. Much like Goodwill in accounting; the brand, business, and perceptions will only increase if you invest time and energy into building it up.

Keep these personal social media branding strategies in mind as you retool and improve your position in 2018 and beyond! Connections and opportunities will always be there. It is up to each of us to solidify these relationships. In doing so, we become more content and confident about who we are in our lives.

This article was originally published on LinkedIn.

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