Currently, Michael is working on obtaining  a Master of Science in Intelligence Management from University of Maryland University College. He holds a bachelor of science degree in business management and an academic minor in international business studies from Coastal Carolina University.

With a keen awareness of global events and outcomes, it is Michael’s goal to become an intelligence analyst with the United States Government. Michael’s critical thinking skills, and an adaptability to a changing world make him a valuable asset to begin a career at within the intelligence community.

Michael possesses research and writing skills that have been regarded as advanced in academia as well as communication skills that are sought after in the field. Consistent quality of deliverables and a positive attitude in the organization are paramount to success and achieving desired outcomes.

Staying relevant and proactive with a changing globe is an important component of what makes the intelligence community a desirable career option. He stays active and informed through MOOCs, journal articles, and community symposiums.

In previous organizations, Michael introduced and practiced several six sigma methods to keep workflow and coworkers moving at a pace that was efficient, but also accurate and actionable. Additionally, it’s important to engage each team member in the decision making process, recognizing that a single person does not have a monopoly on innovative ideas. Creating that sense of cohesion is prudent in affecting goals.

Broad teamwork, greater efficiency, effective communication, and thoroughness have always been cornerstones to his personal and professional ethics. Michael is driven to succeed when challenged, and is passionate about what he has yet to achieve.